Summer at ACB

ACB has been working through and completing the 7th phase of the 1-3-9 media lab. Appropriately named “Going Beyond Engagement”, this year the lab looked not just at the use and adoption of the second screens in mass market homes but at the latest questions surrounding attention, content drivers and expectations of the viewer and user.

Exciting results answer key industry questions such as the relevance of personalised content to the viewer, where the attention is going in the front room with the proliferation of so many devices in the front room and how viewers are evolving their viewing to maximise their enjoyment. Insights and answers that were discovered during phase 7 have had a somewhat different look or feel to the exciting finds of the Super Bowl of 2013 and the Olympics of 2012. No extremes in viewing provided a reliable steadiness in participant viewing and answers around use of technology rather than the heightened atmosphere and super peak viewing that was the Olympics and Super Bowl. Many of these insights are still emerging and being written up as you read this, so stay tuned for more updates and information.

ACB is not only working to produce the next set of industry results but it’s also been a busy time for presentations and public appearances. Sarah Pearson, the Managing Director of ACB was asked to host the “Using companion screens to improve TV and make money” panel at the 2014 Connected TV World Summit. A prestigious 2 day event which was held at the Royal College of Physicians in London. Theme of the event was to deliver thought leadership and insights on the business and technology strategies that will safeguard the competitive connected era. Panelists from Piksel, Channel 4, NPO and ITV stepped up to debate the best ways to engage an audience using second screen apps.

The Living Room Lab, now fully underway has not only completed research for clients but is now taking orders and proving to be a powerful service to understand consumer use. Interests around previous captures have proved equally compelling with the interests of the industry not just trying to look forward but gain an understanding of where today’s behaviours have come from and what were the drivers for them. Positive client references have given us a real boost that this new product is delivering actionable insights that are valuable and swift as we intended

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