ACB spreading the word

Having studied, analysed and understood audience behaviour for the last 7 years, ACB will be taking this experience to act as a judge for the apps section for the London 2013 Hackfest. Labelled as ‘Powering the next generation of innovation, invention and creativity’. App developers sitting on the very front of innovation will be creating apps that could change the way we do… well, anything! There are sure to be some exciting creation surfacing at this years convention. More to follow.
If judging app designs created by developers who’ve stayed up for 48 hours using a mixture of energy drinks and bright screens isn’t your thing, ACB is also jet setting to the beautiful city of Venice. Drawing on the learnings from the US Super bowl 2013 and London 2012 of how new technologies are used by consumers to view ‘must see’ broadcast events, Sarah Pearson will be speaking at The 2013 European Television Symposium in November. and will provide some insights into emerging patterns of behaviour¬† based on Phase 6 of the 1-3-9 Media Lab ethnographic study – at this session you’ll have the opportunity to see how people are adopting and using apps and second screen devices to enhance their viewing experience. Those attending will have the opportunity to take part in this open discussion session.

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