ACB: Expanding the product range

With the IBC show in the past and phase 7 of ACB’s latest research just around the corner it is a perfect time to update the current products ACB has in its range to meet our customers’ increasing appetite for in home labs. Having traditionally focused on annual research and avoided smaller projects it’s inevitable that the latter would become necessary. The Living Room Lab is focused on delivering to the product developer who needs best insights super fast.

Offering a view of new technology use in the everyday household for example: a family with  teens, a flat share of young adults or a family with children under 5. ACB can match the product with the family to give a real life living room use.

Followers of ACB’s may exclaim that this is the same. Yes, families are still being recorded in the home. However, there are some distinct differences to 1-3-9. This is not about looking at future behaviour it is designed specifically for our product development clients and entirely confidential.

The focus is to deliver clients with a  swift and 360 degree view of the household ACB is only recording for one week! Being strictly ethnographic, the focus will solely look for behaviours and trends around clients questions with an aim to provide a confidential insights into first uses of technology.

With a complete process of two and a half weeks ACB can aggressively out pace focus groups, in-depth interviews and observing techniques to provide speedy answers in the most time effective manner.

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