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Rethinking Research

Friday, December 13th, 2013

At the ASI last month the audience learnt of a paradigm shift in audience research. Much of the industry asserted that they preferred to dispense with the title of audience research and their role as researchers in preference to data management experts. This shift is interesting.
ACB is always interested in discovering new behaviours and to ensure that the industries questions are as future focused as possible and relevant to emerging needs . With this in mind, in addition to delivering the pioneering 1-3-9 Longitudinal Research and delivering insights from phase 6 – ACB are pushing ahead the frontiers of knowledge with capture of phase 7.
Our priority at ACB is helping our clients know the right questions and the lab is designed specifically for this. ACB’s Phase 7 is called Going Beyond Engagement and builds on the insights from Phase 6 (entitled:Driving engagement using multiple screens).
Two new additional research tools have also been designed to help researchers and product developers gain unique insights:
The first is the Living Room Lab that has been designed for quick, agile product development insights and evaluation of how the technology is received into the real life of the home. The natural testing environment of the home offers greater rigour and an opportunity for client to gain insights that go beyond the standard lab.
The second research tool is the Café Lab which is designed for sensitive projects requiring an informal out of home setting for the client to gain best insights. Participants are given the opportunity take part in a study where ACB can remotely and unobtrusively capture what is on their screens and their engagement. It is a vital tool that can be used to successfully gain insights on demographics who find it difficult to reliably articulate their behaviour or recall exposure. It was this lab that was used for the recent social networking study on children and teens for the Advertising Standards Authority.
These are just a few new innovative research methods of discovering behaviours. So ACB sees itself as vital in helping the industry and the bigger giants craft the right questions and data mine for the right behaviours – the two work well together – future focused research shines a light for the data management analysts to follow.
Let’s hope the next year 2014 will be braver and the industry will continue to pioneer new ways of understanding existing and future behaviour within this new paradigm.