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1-3-9 members meeting April 9 2013

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Experts working in the TV industry including senior strategists are fully aware that there are many limitations around research methods that restrict understandings on future behaviour. For this reason members including Sky, Samsung, BBC, Microsoft met at the annual meeting at BBC Council Chambers in March 2012 and crafted a list of questions for the industry neutral 1-3-9 lab to address.

Since then ACB has conducted three separate in and out of home video ethnographic studies to answer these future focused questions and deliver the best insights based on actual audience behaviour on multiple screens with all individuals carefully hot housed to be a little ahead of the curve.

On April 9 2013, the research results from the sixth year of the future focused Longitudinal Media Lab were released exclusively in draft format to the members. Members received a full written report and three presentations, each with illustrative clips of audience behaviour in the UK and US with a particular focus on peak engagement.

The event on April 9th was named 1-3-9 Phase 6: Three Peaks and the results looked at appetites around second screen use and also three moments of high engagement by audiences in the UK and in the US.

The results were well received by members who included design engineers, planners, regulators, product development experts, content managers and researchers and all came together and created another draft list of questions that remain unanswered. This will form the basis for the next phase of research.

Members work together in the spirit of crafting the best audience research that is industry neutral.

ACB offers confidentiality to all members and for a membership fee the member is assigned an experienced researcher who in addition to answering broad questions will closely look at specific questions that maybe of interest.

For details regarding planning for phase 7 please contact ACB.

For now ACB is conducting additional analysis drawing on the footage for members and preparing a portal where members and others can access the ACB reports.