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ACB March Update

Monday, March 18th, 2013

ACB has had a fantastic year and it’s only March 2013. In the next few weeks we hope to deliver our members the results of Phase 6 – completing eight months of study over three viewing periods.

This years research was designed to address the key questions raised by senior (content, product and sales) staff within Samsung, BBC, Skype, Sky, Microsoft. So we are at edit stage with the sixth report on future viewing behaviour entitled – Three Peaks: Content Drivers of Engagement and we are looking forward to delivering the results to members at their event soon.

In January we begun brilliantly by successfully taking the insights from phase 6a and b captured in the UK and then rolling out a study in the US.

Amazing families that we studied for nine days up to the Super Bowl capturing asynchronous and synchronous apps and multiple device usage.  Wrapping up the interviews, it was hard to leave NY and Connecticut where we had piloted. With the help of our various partners including UKTI, this successful research product that delivers our clients the most amazing insights was of interest to existing and new clients stateside – from the insights around what was on the five year old’s iPad to his Dad’s iPhone and Android tablet whilst knowing what was on the family TV – it was such a success story.

As for viewing - many differences to the UK but we’ll keep those insights to our members for a while yet!

So it was a week after the Super Bowl that I left my colleagues in the office working hard and cross comparing with London 2012 app usage and flew back to the states – this time CA at the invitation of the Hollywood Post Alliance no less. Their interest was multiple devices but also mainly distance. The research received much attention in the specialised industry press including fun but super relevant article in Technology age and then some follow up from The Economist regarding the interest. We are hoping we can help them as they work with these distances. Members and non members are already asking about customised studies and Phase 7.

Lets find the new emerging needs – there is no better way!