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An Update: Delivery of Bespoke Work to Consortium Members and the Connected Home Global Summit

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

ACB have had an eventful month since the delivery of the results from Phase 5 (c) of the 1-3-9 Media Lab to consortium members at the exclusive event held in the BBC Council Chambers at Broadcasting House.

The IP&TV World Forum panel, moderated by Sarah Pearson, took place on March 21st, providing listeners with a range of perspectives into the future of the TV and content consumption. Ideas about the potential of the tablet as a portable screen, as well as the logistics of video conferencing on the main set TV, were discussed from the viewpoints of marketing, product development and research, creating a lively debate between members of both the panel and the audience.

In addition, ACB have been working hard to provide members of the 1-3-9 Media Lab with timely results that address their individual areas of interest. Bespoke presentations containing relevant clips, figures, and ethnographic insights using ACB’s unique methodology have been delivered to clients as part of an iterative process in which consortium members determine how to maximise the value of the lab. For an added cost, some members have requested further research into specific areas, and ACB are currently in the process of finalising the design for these mini-studies, with a view to going into the field before the end of the month.

Furthermore, Sarah Pearson will be speaking at the upcoming Connected Home Global Summit next Tuesday, on April 24th, discussing the potential of connected devices in the wider context of the future household. For further information, the website can be found at the following link: