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Phase 5 of the 1-3-9 Media Lab

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Phase 5 has been an exciting period for ACB. With 360 degree capture from all TV and mobile devices, including gaming and computing, we have been able to develop a complete and interesting picture of participant behaviour. Particularly noteworthy from these results is the shifting behaviour of VoD consumption, especially considering the introduction of internet connected TVs and recent developments in VoD on games consoles such as the Xbox.

In this increasingly connected environment, social media and interactive apps are becoming more a part of daily life, and we have results specifically relating to use of Lovefilm, Zune, YouTube and Facebook, amongst many more.

Our state-of-the-art tablet and mobile capturing technology gives us insights into changing behaviour that no one else can report, from cross-platform TV promotion and social interaction to out-of-home usage and mobile content viewing. We are building a picture of how all elements combine to form the viewing experience, and look forward to sharing these results with our clients in the Spring.