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Merry Christmas from ACB

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

With the year coming to a close, ACB is pleased to announce that we are on track with Phase 5 of the 1-3-9 Media Lab.

As planned, we have now finished capturing from all households in the sample. This included capture from connected TVs and Blu-ray players, laptops, PCs, mobiles and tablets with some very exciting results. We have also conducted interviews with most families which has provided us with a strong base to add depth to our initial analysis of actual behaviour with these new technologies. We anticipate an exciting event during IPTV week in London in March 2012 when we invite members to listen to the latest generic results from Phase 5.

Following our presentation of Phase 4 results to members during World IPTV week in March 2011, we later were asked to present them to attendees of the prestigious audience measurement conference – the European TV Symposium in Amsterdam in November.

ACB will be participating in a number of conferences in 2012, sharing insights from the previous phase of the 1-3-9 Media Lab alongside our consortium members.

The unique design of Phase 5 comprised three parts – Phase 5 (a), which included the pre-purchase, purchase and installation of the connected device, Phase 5 (b), which captured the first week of use of the connected device, and Phase 5 (c) which captured from all screens in the household. We were delighted to learn that Phase 5 (a) and (b) of our research was submitted by Samsung for Best Practice case study during their Global Market Intelligence workshop in Korea (an event attended by 150 of Samsung’s Market Intelligence staff), and won second place out of 28 nominations. All in all, this year has been a great success, and we have much to look forward to 2012.