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An update from the 1-3-9 Media Lab

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Following the proposed design for Phase 5 (which can be viewed on the Conferences page of this website), ACB have completed Phase 5 (a) and (b) of the 1-3-9 Longitudinal Media Lab, and roughly a third of the way through capturing for Phase 5 (c).

The results from Phase 5 (a) and (b), which together provided a preliminary Connected TV mini-study, were received with enthusiasm by our consortium members in September and October. These results provided initial insights into the expectations of connected TV buyers, their behaviour during the buying and installation of the device, and their first week of usage. Our combination of footage and ethnography revealed that customer expectations did not always match the actual experience of the connected device.

As well as presenting some findings from Phase 4 at the European Television Symposium in Amsterdam last week, ACB are also in the field for Phase 5 (c) – the main part of the study – capturing the usage of connected televisions after hot-housing, and in conjunction with other connected devices including smartphones and tablets. Emergent insights suggest that these new devices may well have the capacity to transform the way consumers watch television and communicate with others.