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1-3-9 Media Lab Members Meeting, 25.03.11

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

On Friday 25th March ACB presented the top-line results from Phase 4 of the 1-3-9 Longitudinal Media Lab. The event was chaired by Emeritus Professor Patrick Barwise from London Business School, and took place at Microsoft HQ in Victoria, London. The meeting was well received by all consortium members. A recap of the findings from the previous phases of our acclaimed research project was followed by a presentation detailing our most recent results. This presentation provided our clients with a comprehensive perspective on early majority uptake of the technology that has been revolutionising the way we watch television over the last five years. It also brought our clients up to speed with the families in our study to observe how their behaviour has changed since Phase 1 in 2007. These insights offered our consortium members an invaluable and rich resource upon which to base predictions of future consumer behaviour. The Phase 4 presentation was followed by an opportunity for questions, in which the consortium members discussed in small groups any potential areas of interest. These questions were collated and were arranged to form the structure of inquiry for Phase 5.